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THE COLOR OF THE PUCK   biographical true story
Amidst the backdrop of the American civil rights movement, Canadian Willie O'Ree overcomes racial prejudice and a career-threatening injury to become "the Jackie Robinson of hockey," the first black man to play in the National Hockey League.

DEATHWIND   science-fiction horror
A vast area of Central America is sealed off, its inhabitants evacuated and villages razed. Offshore, an American fishing vessel is attacked without explanation. Together these scenarios set in motion a horrifying trail that begins in a biological research station in 1990s Libya and leads to a race to save humanity from a looming pandemic.

BECAUSE THE NIGHT   supernatural romantic thriller
Within the walls of a mystifying seaside mansion, a headstrong ingénue and the house’s enigmatic owner investigate a concealed room where they penetrate another dimension and must struggle to comprehend fading boundaries of time, space and reality. But is it all real?

POTION MAN   suspense thriller
A gifted chemist watches his comfortable suburban life unravel as a long-buried secret talent for creating deadly concoctions is threatened with exposure when knowledge of its existence falls into the wrong hands.

SNOW   horror
When a fierce snowstorm blankets the area, four stranded travelers find themselves in a remote town battling an insidious force more terrifying than the elements.

​FOUR DEAD IN OHIO   historical-based drama
Facing uncertain futures on the watershed night of the Vietnam War Draft Lottery, four longtime friends await their fates, and vow to reunite at the same place in 50 years. treatment

BRADY'S LEAP   historical drama
Fueled by a desire to avenge the deaths of his father and brother, Revolutionary War soldier Sam Brady fiercely defends colonial settlers while becoming America's greatest master of espionage, yet manages to raise the ire of the government, which tries him for murdertreatment

​LE MAGNIFIQUE   biographical true story
Hall-of-Fame hockey legend Mario Lemieux redirects his life’s goals after he's diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. treatment

A husband and wife lament their bleak existence, but do they have the power to change?

SERENITY   short
A fallen advertising executive finds redemption after an unlikely meeting with a mysterious man in a soup kitchen.

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   Latest News:  THE COLOR OF THE PUCK captures the Bronze at the inaugural Houston International Sports Film Festival Sports Script Championship (6/17/21)