Media Coverage and Miscellaneous Links

Screenwriting Expo 2009
     Mark was a presenter at the 2009 event in Los Angeles, addressing the topic "Breaking in ... even when you're miles from L.A."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Writer at LA Expo"

     Local publicity on Mark's appearance at the 2009 Screenwriting Expo

Creative Screenwriting (March / April 2011) - "Winners of the Great Movie and TV Logline Contest"
     Recap of the magazine's 2011 contest, including mention of Mark's logline for THE COLOR OF THE PUCK

MN to Hollywood
     Review of Mark's presentation at the 2009 Screenwriting Expo by Minneapolis-based writer-actor-producer Justen Overlander

Done Deal Pro
     Commentary on Mark's script THE COLOR OF THE PUCK on the screenwriters' message board

Mark Golik on Hollywood Omnibook
     Directory listing

Mark Golik on IMDb Pro
     Directory listing

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